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I am a Graphic Designer, a mediator, helping brands of different backgrounds solve their problems but guess what's even better, helping bridge the gap between patients and healthcare professionals.

Every powerful idea needs to be backed up with striking, cohesive design to make an impact, build a means for the audience to connect with a brand and create an active community. 

I was lucky enough to practice my realization, create and design visual pieces for healthcare marketing initiatives with a digital health organization - HITLAB.

Thanks to COVID-19, my knack for designing for health is even stronger now.


Can Graphic Design save a life? Find out below!

Why Design Health?

graphicrux logo new-03.png

Nestle - Power of Print

The Brief:

#HelpParentsKnowGoodFood so that they make informed decisions, while helping their children choose the right food and also providing the right nutrition for kids.




In recent years, the food and beverage industry in the US has viewed children and adolescents as a major market force. Foods marketed to children are predominantly high in sugar and fat, and as such are inconsistent with national dietary recommendations.


Thus, I took a toll at parents by educating them through the most popular medium of fast food - Coupons, which are distributed free and often collected and redeemed by younger generation.

Solution 1:

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 12.29.18

Solution 2:

I created a 2nd set of print ads that instruct the viewers about the importance of the food we eat, for example, certain foods like broccoli may resemble our lungs as well as help the immune system to clean harmful bacteria from the lungs.



Solution 3:

broccoli packaging mock.jpg

A packaging take at #HelpParentsKnowGoodFood. 

I replaced the packaging contents of a junk food, such as 'Potato Chips' with a healthier alternative such as 'Broccoli'.


CanaCare Branding 

& Covid Self Test App UI

Self-Initiated Branding & App UI-UX design for the hypothetical brand - CanaCare

long mock-min.jpg
mockup 3.jpg
mock 4.jpg
mockup 2.jpg


Hunger to Grow

Social Media Campaign Teasers 

Horlicks encourages young kids to follow their dreams and have hunger for success in the continuation of its Hunger to grow campaign, we created at FCB.

The digital campaign features kids pursuing their passions of dancing, playing tennis and football and academics with a hunger of growth. The campaign further aims to enlighten kids and parents about the importance of nutrition absorption by the body.

Social Media Teaser
Social Media Teaser
Social Media Extension
Social Media Extension

Web Banners

Banners Open File (1)


Growth Plus




Faces of Fortis

Web Design 

#FacesofFortis campaign was initiated in an effort to connect the patients with the doctors at Fortis, before they visited them personally. It is a opportunity to create a personal bond and we achieved it by adding a human touch, telling each doctor's story, hobbies, likes, etc., on top of their professional qualifications on Fortis website's 'Home Page'.



Website Redesign 

At CallDr we can access on-call specialists in an emergency, manage EMTALA and on-call group schedules, receive detailed consultation reports, control risks through improved record keeping and follow up. 

The project was for one of the HITLAB Digital Health's client CallDr and I was responsible for their entire website redesign.


Sponsor Information Sheet Brochure Design

The following SIS below is circulated on the web before HITLAB's annual summit. This was my first task with HITLAB, back in 2018 when I started working with them as a freelancer.

Fun Fact: It was a battle of time zones EDT vs IST. 

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