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Automotive Campaigns

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Outdoor I Print

The Idea:

The print ad showcases the main feature of the Mahindra MUV without actually displaying the vehicle.

The following can also work as an outdoor advertising at parking lots in the form of larger than usual branded parking spot reserved for the Mahindra XUV 300 series.

mahindra parking print.jpg

U321 - The Chameleon

Print ad

PRINT 9 2-min.jpg
PRINT 8 2-min.jpg
PRINT 10 2-min.jpg

Billboard Ads

Billboard Ads

Billboard Ads

Creative Direction 1

nexon ad-03-min.jpg
nexon ad-01-min.jpg
nexon ad-02-min.jpg

Billboard Ads

Creative Direction 2

nexon ad-05-min.jpg
nexon ad-06-min.jpg
nexon ad-04-min.jpg

The Brief:

The client is a marketing company looking to advertise their business on one of their vehicles.

They provided with their company logo and the info which needs to be on the wrap.

They wanted some promotional branding or graphic that illustrates that they are a printing and marketing company
used in the vehicle design.

The Idea:

The design follows vector style iconography on the right side of the Mercedes ML 350 accompanied by the client - MYCMedia's branding. The iconography was carefully curated, inspired from and promotes the client's brand values and their daily responsibilities at the firm.


The left side of the car was designed keeping in mind the brand guidelines, the color scheme, typography/layout style of MYCMedia. The layout was designed after trial and error, playing with text and vector graphics created from scratch to best suit the car shape.


The text is legible enough, in the suggested hierarchy, and the contrast of yellow and black is visually pleasing to the eyes. The front and the back of the Mercedes ML 350 follows a similar wrapping style, accompanied with the client's logo on all sides to promote the brand for the drivers/viewers around the car.

Vehicle Template T.jpg
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