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AHLOT: A Higher Level of Thought

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Have you tried our Coast-to-Coast collection yet? If you love the flavour craft brands are boasting, you’ll love the cultivars from all corners of the country in this pack!

This convenient 3x0.5g multi-pack houses a diverse palette of flavours and aromas to match anyone’s tastes.

Experience creamy vanilla and mint in MSIKU’s ICC x Kush Mints, sweet floral and mahogany from Reef Organic’s Coastal Kush and thick earthy citrus flavours in Qwest Reserve’s Sunset Mac.

Discover your next favourite craft cultivar with Coast-to-Coast and learn more at the link in bio.

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AHLOTxLoudplug Ritual Box Collab Rendering
with a take on digital illustration to be engraved/etched
on the top of the box.


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After launching another hit Craft Select pre-roll multi-pack, we hit the road for a cross-Canada adventure. “Next stop, Ontario!”

The Cheltenham Badlands take a love for rolling to a whole new level. The highly eroded slate landscape looks like a glitch in the Matrix. Make sure you don’t roll your ankle while traversing this stoned landscape.

After hiking over mother nature’s speed bumps all day we solved a murder mystery over a nice hot meal at @thegrandwayeventscentre Dinner Theatre in Elora. SPOILER ALERT! The butler did it.

Next, our Necronomicon led us to The Skull Store Oddity Shop, a curious little shop in Toronto where we snapped a selfie with a two-headed goat we named Kid Gorgeous. In need of some much needed shut-eye, we spent the night glamping on Lake Bernard in an Airbnb – a decked out 1971 Vintage Airstream camper. This blast from the past straight-up looks like a giant silver twinkie.

Ontario has got some real gems, so does the Coast-to-Coast pre-roll multi-pack.

Badlands Campaign Post-min.jpg

After dropping the latest Craft Select Coast-to-Coast multi-pack, we dropped everything for an adventure across Canada. “Next stop, Alberta!” 📌

We just had to check out Lake Abraham after hearing it looks like a friggin’ lava lamp. Turns out it only looks like that when it’s frozen, but we did get a sweet postcard.

After our seasonal slip-up we did what any other Canadian would do in the birthplace of our country’s most popular beverage and went for Caesars… virgin obviously. The weekend Caesar bar at @thebeltliner did not disappoint with its bacon, sausage, avocado, chicken and waffles garnish… yeah, garnish.

Feeling like human sausages we grabbed a selfie with the World’s Largest Sausage before nodding off at @fantasyland_hotel to catch some 💤 in what might as well have been an actual spaceship.

Alberta’s a trip! So is our latest Coast-to-Coast pre-roll pack with top-shelf cultivars from Reef Organic, MSIKU, and Qwest Reserve.

All aboard to Hopewell Rocks!

The next destination in our Coast-to-Coast journey is located in Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick.

The Hopewell Rocks (aka Flowerpot Rocks) are 40-70 feet tall rock formations caused by Bay of Fundy's tidal erosion. The large amount of water flowing in and out modifies the surrounding landscape and rocks resulting in these beautiful sculptures.

Campaign Post Week 10-min.jpg
Campaign Post - Deadman's island-min.jpg

We're making a spooky stop on this week's Coast-to-Coast journey to celebrate Halloween!

Our next destination is Deadman's Island located close to Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The island was once used as a place to exile smallpox victims and there have been several sightings of paranormal activities like furniture moving on their own and appearance of glowing human forms. Would you dare to spend a night on this haunted island?

The next stop on our Coast-to-Coast adventure is to Sable Beach, Nova Scotia to see horses gone wild! Not like that… though they’re definitely not wearing any saddles. 🐴

After catching some rays with our nay-saying, hay-eating friends, we headed to the @5fishermen 🐟

This pub used to be a mortuary and once held victims from the Titanic, so we had to order iceberg lettuce salads. Too soon?

Then we took selfies at the monument honouring telephone inventor and proud Nova Scotian, Alexander Graham Bell. If only he could see what we use our phones for today.

And we couldn’t resist spending the night in a cottage that was converted from a church. The interior design is absolutely divine but there’s no smoking allowed – stains the glass. 😉

Our Canadian adventure was an absolute trip, just like the AHLOT Coast-to-Coast pre-roll multi-pack.

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AHLOT x Thinker

Sell Sheet Design

12 Js for the Holidays


Social Media Campaign/Posts

Social Media Campaign/Posts


Product Dielines for production, Layout, Branding

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Simply Bare Organic S^MPLE by AHLOT joint.jpg


AHLOT Ritual Box Design, Art Direction, Illustration


Something’s fishy in the waters at Reef Organic! 🐟 They use live koi fish in an aquaponics system to create nutrients naturally from fish waste.

This growing system combines hydroponics with aquaculture making a seamless nutrient system between the living soil and water. Koi fish waste is high in natural nutrients, creating bigger buds with higher potencies.

Head for the high seas and see why we chose their fin-tastic Coastal Kush cultivar for our Coast-to-Coast pre-roll multi-pack.

AHLOT Coast-to-Coast Pre-Roll Pack (3x0.5g)
Reef Organic - Coastal Kush
Indica | 20-26% THC

MSIKU - ICC x Kush Mints
Indica | 20-26% THC

Qwest Reserve - Sunset Mac
Indica | 23-29% THC

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